"When my father passed, it was my responsibility to plan the funeral for him. We had the option of having a pastor speak, but I worried that most of the service would revolve around scripture and a focus on the afterlife. While those things are important in a time of mourning, what I really wanted was someone to help capture my father's life so that we could all remember him. This is why we chose celebrant, Paula Gordon.

My father was a quirky fellow. He had a huge capacity for love, and an equal capacity for anger. I didn't want someone to describe my father in a way that only captured one side of him - I wanted his eulogy to capture all parts of him. We laughed a little when I told Paula that I wouldn't want my father's spirit to wonder who she was talking about.

The final moments of a funeral are very hectic and it’s hard to micro-manage everything. I had to trust Paula's process and her ability to honor a man we loved so much. I still remember my utter disbelief - followed by relief - at the words she spoke. Her words captured all sides of my father and left everyone in the room with their own personal memories to embrace. Her words were so moving that I asked her to share them with me afterwards and I'll forever keep them in my memories of him.
Thank you Paula - you have a special gift"

Nicholas H.

“I wanted to send you a note to thank you for the beautiful service you did for my son. What a tribute to his life with the words you spoke. All I heard from those that attended was that you summarized his life so well in all aspects and that he would have loved it.

We are believers in Christ - we just don't go the "organized religion" route. I would definitely suggest your service to anyone who wants an alternative solution to honor their loved one.
Thank you again, Paula, for your calming spirit during such a tragedy for this family. You truly are one of God’s angels here on earth.”

Lesli M.

Following are comments made after recent life celebration services:

"Your words were so beautiful and delivered with such grace. Perfect..."

"You were talking right to me. I can't wait to tell my daughter how much that meant."

"Your presentation was a ray of sunshine on a sad occasion. You were a blessing."

"I'm sure you must have know (the deceased). You captured exactly who they were."
      (Note - the deceased was unknown to the Celebrant)

"This was the most special funeral service I've ever attended."

"Simply awesome."

"Everything was special, personal and beautiful. It was so heartfelt and meaningful."

"Thank you for such a touching and unique service. I would never have imagined it could be like this."

"I don't know how she did it. I told her about ... and she got everything right. It was beautiful."

"Thank you so very much for the beautiful tribute you put together for this service. We know that .... would have liked the way you 'spun' her life story."

"This is the first funeral I have ever attended where people could smile and laugh."

"When I die, I want you to tell my story."